Solutions for Telecommunications & Professional Electronics


Scanfil is a global contract manufacturer and systems supplier for communication and
professional electronics. Main telecommunication products are among others integrated enclosure systems for mobile phone and ADSL networks and assembly and testing of modules related to enclosure systems. Examples of professional electronics products include box-built tested devices, various electronic modules, backplanes and assembled circuit boards as well as cable assemblies.

Vertical integration

Scanfil’s production system is vertically integrated. In addition to the manufacture of products, a key element in Scanfil’s operations is the provision of a comprehensive service package to customers. Scanfil’s service includes sourcing and purchasing, planning of production processes and technologies, manufacture of prototype series, transfer to serial production, diversified and flexible production of electronics and mechanics, product testing as well as comprehensive logistics management.
To meet the demands for global presence and short lead times, Scanfil strives to constantly invest in its ability to control costs and supply products and services of the right quality at the right time while managing risks in logistics chains that are becoming increasingly complex.


Typical products for telecommunications network systems are enclosure systems and base station products designed for wireless communications and broadband networks. The delivery of an enclosure system includes the production of mechanical and electronic components, product assembly and testing of the final product.

Examples of professional electronics products are box-built electronic products, various electronic modules, backplanes and assembled circuit boards as well as cable assemblies.

Scanfil’s customers include several major international telecommunications and professional electronics manufacturers, which are all top players in their industry and have an established position in the market. Products manufactured by Scanfil can be found in mobile phone and ADSL network base stations, a range of meteorological instruments as well as passenger and goods lifts.

Global manufacturing

Since Scanfil's customers are global players, the company must also be able to provide services globally in order to be competitive. Scanfil’s objective is to expand its operations to cater for customers in all key markets worldwide. The company’s strategy is to establish production plants around the world to meet market demands and customer needs.

In 2012, Scanfil had production plants in Sievi, Finland as well as abroad in Budapest, Hungary; Pärnu, Estonia; and Hangzhou and Suzhou, China; and Hamburg, Germany.